10 September 2012

Monday Funny: GIF Sound

A wise man (@Oolex) once said, "'tis better to GIF than to receive". Or something like that. Anyway, I agree. Whereas - in times prior to the Internet - we would send each other postcards or roses or gift baskets as tokens of goodwill, these days it's a lot easier to just hit up Fuck Yeah Reactions and pick a GIF to suit the occasion. The video below has taken some relatively well known GIFs and put audio to them. Now, that might not sound like a big deal, but honestly, it multiplies the funniness x10. At least. Even dubstep cat shows face! Go ahead, laugh your Monday away.

The best part? You can make your own audio GIFs at GIF Sound, and it's super easy too. Big thanks to @richardkuiper for sharing this!

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