30 August 2012

SPRING RUSH Giveaway - Sinsation Launch Party (CT)

The third and final ticket giveaway in the SPRING RUSH series, the launch of Sinsation promises to be a night of zero judgement, where you can throw your inhibitions to the wind and partake in all forms of sin, from lusting over the fairer sex (who'll be dressed to kill, no doubt) to gluttoning out over amazing food and cocktails. It's all there for the taking, and you could be rocking it with free VIPs. Mmmmm, tasty exclusivity.

Okay, so I have 2 x VIP and 4 x general tickets to give away to this sexy event. To enter, you're going to have to put your creative hat on. That's right. I want you to create an 8th Deadly Sin. A brand new sin. Think you can do it? Well then:
  • Join the Facebook event
  • Create an 8th Deadly Sin and leave it in the comments, along with your FULL NAME and email address
  • Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (tag me @Nick_Frost so I can check it out)
Yours in sinning, Nick.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous20:12

    The 8th deadliest sin should most certainly be : 'Not getting excited for this event!!!'
    -Barron Hufkie


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