30 August 2012

SPRING RUSH Giveaway - Sinsation Launch Party (CT)

The third and final ticket giveaway in the SPRING RUSH series, the launch of Sinsation promises to be a night of zero judgement, where you can throw your inhibitions to the wind and partake in all forms of sin, from lusting over the fairer sex (who'll be dressed to kill, no doubt) to gluttoning out over amazing food and cocktails. It's all there for the taking, and you could be rocking it with free VIPs. Mmmmm, tasty exclusivity.

Okay, so I have 2 x VIP and 4 x general tickets to give away to this sexy event. To enter, you're going to have to put your creative hat on. That's right. I want you to create an 8th Deadly Sin. A brand new sin. Think you can do it? Well then:
  • Join the Facebook event
  • Create an 8th Deadly Sin and leave it in the comments, along with your FULL NAME and email address
  • Share this post on Facebook or Twitter (tag me @Nick_Frost so I can check it out)
Yours in sinning, Nick.

28 August 2012

Song Of The Week: Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Why isn't Ed Sheeran bigger? He's really good. Well I think so. Definitely one of the coolest gingers I know of. And this music video is great too; even deaf people can enjoy it, as 17-year old Matthew Morgan is really good at signing the lyrics of the song to the rhythm of the music. So much so that I initially thought he was just busting mad dance moves.

Hey?! I'm going to be getting stuck into some Devlin (UK rapper) in my next Song of the Week posts so keep an eye out for those. Dude has ill skillz. Peace.

SPRING RUSH Giveaway: Hello Spring (Dragon Room)

The second SPRING RUSH giveaway this week is now open for business. Big Dreamer Productions has planned a super hot party to scare away the winter chills. Put away the scarves (unless you're hiding lovebites), pack up the stifling clothes and say hello to LEGS. Spring is here.

Join the Playboy Playmates and Bunnies at the The Dragon Room for an All In White Themed Party and the launch of Lady Lea’s newest album WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM. Shit's going to get hot. I have 2 x VIP and 4 x general tickets to give away. See below for details on entering:
  • Join the Facebook event
  • Tell me about the craziest dream you've had recently in the comments section underneath this post.
  • Share this post on Twitter/Facebook. Tag me (@Nick_Frost) so I can check it out.

27 August 2012


Welcome to the first in a series of Spring Rush ticket giveaways coming up this week on my bloglet. Labyrinth has been throwing the hottest psytrance parties of the winter season. Unfortunately, with the end of winter comes an end to Labyrinth's series of winter 2012 events. So what does it all MEAN?! Come party it up at Trinity this Saturday (1st September) in true psychedelic fashion. The DJ line up will ensure the biggest send off for this season; a party to end all parties (but not really). Don't miss this.

Okay, so I've got 2 x general and 2 x VIP tickets to give away to this bad boy. Who wants them?! All you have to do is this:
  • Join the Facebook event/follow@LabyrinthLIVE on Twitter
  • Tell me why you want to go to this party in the comments section underneath this post.
  • Share this post on Twitter/Facebook. Tag me (@Nick_Frost) so I can check it out.
Go, go, go!

ANCYL March Through Cape Town CBD

This is happening right now. Hundreds of ANC Youth League (ANCYL) members have taken to the streets after a delay which the league said was due to transport issues. They're marching to the Western Cape Legislature in protest of poor service delivery, the government’s proposed youth wage subsidy and the possible closure of 27 schools in the province.

Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, said she would not receive their memorandum of grievances until the league withdrew its threat to make the province's capital city ungovernable. A reasonable request in my opinion. There is a heavy police presence to ensure public safety during the march.

Protesters will move from Keizergracht Street along Darling Street, left into Adderley Street, and then to the provincial buildings in Wale Street.

Anyway, back to work!

24 August 2012

First World Problems - A Short Film

By now, you must surely know about the First World Problems meme. If you don't, here you go - you're welcome. A few weeks ago, my brother Dax and I were bored at home on a Sunday and decided to shoot a short video rendition of the first world problems meme. I guess it ended up looking something like a black and white wannabe french art movie about an over-privileged bachelor… we have a lot of fun. I digress, if you've ever been down in the dumps because you've run out of coffee or received the wrong sized Big Mac, this video is for you. Do it.

Happy Fri/payday!

21 August 2012

Ticket Giveaway: The Surreal Experience (Haezer And More)

This Saturday, brand new local events co., Cold Motion, will be launching at Affinity with a bang, boasting a lineup that includes trash-electro punk, Haezer (who recently released a brand new EP), the king of twisted psy, Frozen Ghost, bass aficionado Liam Pitcher and many more.

Yes, I have the pleasure - nay, honour - of sending four of you to this party for free. That's 2 x sets of double tickets. So what do you have to do to enter? It's simple:
  • Like Cold Motion on Facebook
  • Tell me who you're most excited to see by leaving a comment on this post. Please also leave your FULL NAME and email address so I can let you know if you've won.
  • Share this post on either Facebook or Twitter.
See you on Saturday night!

20 August 2012

Monday Inspiration: I Am The Antichrist To You

I may be slow on the uptake but did you guys know about this? I have almost no words to describe this video and song. It is just beauty. It reminds me a little bit of Watership Down, but other than that it's probably the most original thing I've seen or heard in a while. Please watch and share if you like.


Kishi Bashi is K Ishibashi's self-recorded and self-produced project. K is a founding member of Jupiter One, as well as a touring member of Regina Spektor. Thank you for sharing this @KerryBeetgeHave a great week, team!

15 August 2012


This weekend's Labyrinth party at Trinity, PSYENTIFIC EXPERIMENTATION, looks like it's going to be a killer. With a line up that includes Super Evil, Plus Minus and Dean Fuel, you'll be kicking yourself for weeks if you forget about this one.

Line up:

Psychedelic decor by Luminos
Funktion1 Sound System
Multiple Bars

R120/ R150 VIP

But you can beat the cover-charge demons. I have 2 x general and 2 x VIP tickets to giveaway for PSYENTIFIC EXPERIMENTATION. Here's how to win:
  • Comment on this post. Tell me why you should win tickets.
  • Join the event page on Facebook
  • Share this blog post on Facebook OR Twitter
Godspeed to you fine people.

14 August 2012

Madvertising: Stride's "Intelligisity"

Most of us are familiar with Apple's unique style of advertising new products and innovations. They use an almost unapologetically self-satisfied approach that somehow makes you hate and love them at the same time. Not surprisingly, other brands have caught on to this new practice of smug marketing and are using it as a form of parody. The result is hilarious. Chewing gum brand, Stride, recently got Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White, onboard (pun intended) to endorse their product, and then released this Mintacular video for the world to enjoy.

"This will change everything you thought you knew. Again." Go ahead and visit Stride's website. It's disgustingly well put together. Bye now.

13 August 2012

The Beauty Of The Irrational

This is a bit different from my normal posts. I've never been much of a fan of running; I've always thought it's really only necessary when you're late or if you're being chased. After watching this video though, I'm not so sure. For one, it's beautifully shot. For two, it has a grand, inspiring soundtrack. For three? Well... I might not be a fan of running, but I'm a huge supporter of any and all things irrational. Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing this Jono Mervis - champ! You can view the video in all it's full-res glory right here.

09 August 2012

10 Things To Do On Women's Day

The title of this post might seem a bit misleading, as it isn't really 10 things to do on Women's Day so much as 5 things to do on Women's Day for women, and 5 things to do on Women's Day for men... Unless you're both of the above, in which case, well done. So let's get this show on the road shall we? Oh! Before I start, thanks @ShellsPemBroke for inspiring me to write this post. You're a Woman of the people! So here goes...

Things to do on Women's Day for women:
  1. Give thanks - Just because you're a woman, it doesn't mean you're the only woman in the world. It's International Women's Day. Send your mom a nice long email; you have plenty of time. Visit your grandmother with a box of chocolates (or a bottle of wine depending on how much she likes to/is still able to party). Take your daughter to lunch. Call up your lady friends and arrange a girls' night out. Capture it all on film.
  2. Don't give thanks - And by this, I mean, take the opportunity to speak up about something that you disagree with. Not that you shouldn't be doing this already - but make a point of it, woman! Is there a guy at work constantly slapping your ass and/or making disgusting attempts at sexual innuendos? Kick him anywhere between the shins and balls depending on the severity of his offenses. Do you suffer from a serial stalker who posts slimy comments on your Facebook photos? Delete him as a friend, but only after taking a screenshot and mailing it to his wife. After all, it's Women's Day for her too.
  3. Eat ALL the food - Seriously, don't think twice before devouring that chocolate donut sandwich and side-order of entire chickens. The world is your oyster, so f**king eat it. Forget about stuff like calories and carbs, they're just words anyway. Have your cake AND eat it. You can starve yourself and lament in front of the mirror any of the other 364 days in the year.
  4. Watch chick flicks - Go on a date and watch Girl In Progress or What To Expect When You're Expecting or whatever the hell you people enjoy. The point is not to force a guy to watch a chick flick, it's to force a guy to watch what YOU want to watch - so if you happen to choose The Dark Knight of The Dictator, then bonus lady points for you.
  5. Support a cause - Let's face it. Women's Day isn't just about acknowledging the fact that you're a woman. You've known that since you came out of that other woman. Support a cause; make a donation, volunteer locally. Help out rape victims at your local Choices or whatever. Act on what is closest to your heart.

Things to do on Women's Day for men:
  1. A woman - This should seem obvious, but I'll say it anyway. Give a woman some loving. Of course, make sure it's consensual, or you might fall victim to above point number 2 (or worse). Make it romantic too; none of this quickie bullshit. I'm talking scented candles, mood music and sensual lighting. Do it.
  2. Give chocolate - Give a woman chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate. If they don't, not only are they not a woman, they aren't even a human. Send them back on the next Curiosity Rover. To return to my original point though: as Forrest Gump once said "Life is like a box of chocolates; you've gotta give it to a woman". Or something.
  3. Show some respec' - Maybe chivalry is dead. Maybe it isn't. Regardless. Open the car door for a lady. Give her right of way when walking through a door. Maybe you think this is lame but it isn't. Chicks dig that shit, and if the girl you're with doesn't dig it, then you probably shouldn't be with her in the first place.
  4. Hold your tongue - I realise that it's now considered almost normal practice to refer to the fairer sex as bitches, chicks, broads, betties and a variety of similar synonyms. I do it. In fact I did it in the paragraph above (luckily I wrote this post yesterday) - but just for today, when you're about to say one of the above words, substitute it with a more appropriate, gentlemanly one.
  5. Support a cause - That's right. This one is for you too. In fact, it is especially so. Donate money, lend a hand or help your lady out at the shelter. Whatever you do, do it for the women, man! It's just one day. After that you can go on gargling beer, ordering for more sandwiches and watching Olympics while your girlfriend vacuums the entire house and cries. Jokes.
Okay, have fun. Bye!

08 August 2012

Ticket Giveaway: THE FIASCO (The Side Show CT)

The Fiasco - an upcoming event brought to you by Young N Underrated - promises to be a night of pure bliss, ecstasy and elation. Already, that's almost impossible to ignore... and, considering the (j)amazing line-up on offer, you'll have to be crazy - nay, sedated - to miss it. Feast your eyeballs.

Yes. Just as I thought. I'm giving away 2 x VIP tickets to this psychotic mass murderer of an event; but wait, there's MOAR: there'll also be a grand prize of a table in VIP (seats 6), a bottle of vodka and a bottle of tequila, as well as mixers (pffft, mixers... riiiight). How do you enter? I'll tell you, succinctly, and in bullet-point format:
  • Share the event link on your Facebook profile 
  • To confirm your entry, comment on this blog post, beginning the post with: ''I want to go to this event because __________'' . 
Candidates will be dumped into a random number generator and luck will decide whether you win or not. I'm not sure what you're waiting for. Tick, tick.

07 August 2012

Song Of The Week: Biffy Clyro - Stingin' Belle

Here it is folks; the first single off Biffy Clyro's (rumoured to be double-disc) album, Opposites - due for release on September 17th.

Hope you all enjoyed your day, snow 'n all!

The Dark Knight Binges (Parody)

I haven't yet seen the last film in The Dark Knight trilogy, so I don't even think I can fully appreciate the magnitude of the humour involved in the following parody video. I'm sure - once I've stopped making excuses and paid the cinema and Bruce Wayne a visit - I'll be able to add a few extra funny layers of understanding to this video - kinda like a hilarious sandwich. Right now though, I'm enjoying the cheese.

Have a nice day now.

06 August 2012

Mission To Mars

It's a big day for Earth. Curiosity, the most advanced spacecraft ever sent to another planet, managed to pull off its extremely complicated landing procedure last night (Sunday, 5th August, 2012). Here's an interesting video that delves deeper into the exact technologies involved in landing Curiosity on Mars.

Curiosity is set to begin its two-year hunt for the building blocks of life. In other words: signs that we may not be alone in the universe... Exciting stuff right? Because the landing occured about 154 million miles from Earth, the entire landing sequence had to be automated - a decision that may have had engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La CaƱada biting their nails off. To add to the difficulty, the Earth also "set" below Mars' horizon shortly before Curiosity was due to land, making direct communication with mission control almost impossible. Needless to say, early this morning, space scientists heard the phrase they had been waiting on for 10 years: "Touchdown confirmed."

Curiosity is set to revolutionise our understanding of the Red Planet. It will spend the next few years gathering evidence that Mars is, or was, capable of fostering life. You can keep up with all things Curiosity on Twitter, and make sure to add to the conversation by using the #MarsCuriosity hashtag. Have a great week!

03 August 2012

Song Of The Week: LA.VI - Solitaire

This just happened. Cape Town indy/folk band, (and firm favourites of mine - I know I'm biased for obvious reasons) LA.VI, have just released their second single, Solitaire, off their upcoming 2013 album. And it's grand.

I particularly love how vocalist, Chantel Van T, experiments with her voice in this track. In fact, just in general, the song is beautifully put together, from a song-writing perspective down to the post production and mix (great job Monarch Mountain Records) and deserves a listen.

Friday Funny: Badman Begins

Imagine my utter shock and surprise when, while browsing through my Facebook homepage and Twitter timeline this morning, I learnt that it is, in fact, Friday - the last day of the working week. Who'd've thought!? Without further ado, I give you this Friday Funny.

Peace yo.

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