13 June 2012

Ticket Giveaway - Labyrinth THE KIDS WANT PSY at Fiction

The last few Labyrinth events have all been mental parties, and this Saturday's THE KIDS WANT PSY is no different. Think about it. It's shitty winter. Everybody's cold and complaining, day in, day out. Maybe your mornings are spent at home boiling water for coffee using a magnifying glass and a few bleak rays of sunlight because ESKOM scheduled impromptu 'planned maintenance' (however-the-fuck-that-works); maybe you study or work, and find yourself chain-smoking on a windy balcony like a lunatic because - goddammit - you'll get warm even if it means igniting harmful carbon monoxide-emitting death sticks and inhaling the blessedly hot smoke into your shaking lungs. They're shaking because they're cold, you tell yourself between ragged drags, while your nose slowly turns the same colour as the coal. I guess the point I'm trying to make is: it's cold, but we can stomp it out. Let's take it inside. Fiction, that is. THE KIDS WANT PSY, however, is a FACT.

Line up:

Psychedelic d├ęcor by Luminos
Funktion 1 Sound System
Multiple bars

HypeMediaSA have once again done me a great niceness, and have provided me with two tickets to give away to those most worthy. The challenge? Tell me the best way to beat the cold. Seriously. The best solution wins. Just leave your answer, your name and your contact details in the comment section below. Okay, my fingers are frozen. Bye!

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