02 May 2012

Upcycle That

Upcycle? What does that mean? Is it another one of those things that people do to feel a bit better about the inevitable implosion of earth and the extinction of humankind as we know it? As it turns out, upcycling is pretty darn cool. @Jacqueskarsten and @Judyrom have been working hard on UpcycleThat.com, a website that provides a central access point for upcycle projects across the Internet. The site states:
“It’s taking something that you would otherwise throw out and finding a way to make it into something else.”
Here are some of my favourite posts:

Wooden Belt Chair
Rock Around The Clock
Bottle Top Bag Sealer
Dinosaur Planters
Light Bulb Lamp
I want those dinosaurs so bad. If you'd like to check out more upcycled stuff, visit the site here.

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