31 May 2012

Madvertising: From Love To Bingo

Cool ideas are cool. And I like cool things. The following clip, entitled 'From Love To Bingo', utilises 15 different stock images per second to create a narrative video. Brazilian Ad Agency, AlmapBBDO produced this video for Getty Images to show that anyone can tell any story using stock images. This is madvertising.

Cool right? Thanks for sharing this @saskiaredivo!

29 May 2012

Win Tickets To THE LABYRINTH (7 Deadly Sins) at Trinity

Wow. Apologies for the lack of interesting posts lately. Work has been heavy and I still have zero Internoughts at home thanks to the magic of Telkom. I trust you all had a great weekend, and - if you're anything like me - are hastily making plans for the next? Well here's a plan...

Line up:
Live visuals by

Psychedelic d├ęcor by Luminos
Funktion 1 Sound System
Multiple Bars

I have 4 x VIP tickets and 4 x general passes for the Labyrinth on Saturday night. If you want to win, all you have to do is leave a comment with your name, surname and email address, as well as the answer to this question: Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of? And go.

23 May 2012

Win Tickets To LA BURLESQUE at Trinity

Okay, so last week I ran a comp where I planned on giving away a double ticket to La Burlesque at Trinity. Unfortunately, at the last minute, I received word that a couple of the dancers were sick and that the show had been postponed. But it's a week later now, and - thanks to the wonders of modern medicine - the dancers have made a full recovery and are ready and willing to jump on stage and get semi-naked while dancing to showtunes. Sound good?

Since the event is this Thursday, as in, the 24th of May, I'm running a speed competition for whoever wants the double ticket (ticket for two). All you have to do is comment at the bottom of this post with your contact details and the ticket is yours. It's really that simple. Godspeed.

16 May 2012

Win Tickets To LA BURLESQUE at Trinity (Cancelled)

My sister used to be part of a Burlesque troupe. I remember missioning through to Cape Town with friends to see her perform. Maybe that's why I've never been too keen on the whole idea of Burlesque; it's hard to enjoy a show when you have to sit with an entire room of (mostly) men who are mainly there to leer at your sister. It didn't help that she ended one particular show in nipple caps and little else. Now I don't want to put a negative spin on the whole thing. I am, after all, trying to give away free tickets to a Burlesque show. I'm actually all for semi-naked girls performing various parodical acts involving literature, drama or music (or a mixture of the three). And you should be too. So...

How about spending your night sipping cocktails and enjoying lingerie-clad dancers performing choreographed renditions of Cabaret, Chicago and Burlesque? I'm giving away one double table to the person who answers the following question correctly (one double table means a table for two, so bring a date). Winners will be announced on Friday morning by 10am.

Who played the lead role in the 2010 musical, Burlesque?

Answers in the comments section below. Have a great Humpday!

Stop Being So Bored, Bassists

This video is brilliant. If you're in a band, or friends with anyone in a band, some of the points made in this video will be instantly relatable. Basically, it's a motivational talk for bassists, encouraging them to stop looking so bored on stage. My favourite parts include "what if we're talking to the drummer about what we're gonna do after the show when the singer and guitarist are off having sex with groupies", and "no matter how simple and repetitive the bass part is, don't just sit there and check your cell phone okay?". Enjoy.


14 May 2012

Win Tickets to THE LABYRINTH at Trinity (CPT)

Happy Monday to you all. The Labyrinth is celebrating its 7th birthday at Trinity this Saturday 19th May; to commemorate the occasion, HypeMedia have supplied me with a few freebies to give away. So here's the deal.

Line up:

Live visuals by 

Psychedelic decor by Luminos
Funktion1 sound system
Multiple bars

So as you can see, it's going to be a night for the (face)books. Tickets are going for R80 (general) and R120 (VIP). Luckily for you, you have me; I'm giving away 2 x VIP passes and 6 x general access tickets out of the goodness of my defunct heart. All you have to do is pick your favourite artist out of the line up above and leave their name, along with your full name and contact details in the comments section of this post. Easy, no? Yes. Carry on!

11 May 2012

Song Of The Week: Jack White - Love Interruption

What is there to say about Jack White that has not already been said? The man is a legend. Even his blood takes special care to make room for the volume of music that courses through his blue veins. He is the preacher who speaks the truth of Rock & Roll - dirty, raw and natural, like its roots. The song below is off his new solo album, Blunderbuss, and it has friday written all over it.

Have a rock & roll weekend.

09 May 2012

If You Could Photoshop In Real Life

If you could Photoshop the real world, what would you do? I think the first task on my agenda would be to create a few clean layers for my bedroom, or maybe I'd put a Sepia filter on an old person, just to be ironic. Perhaps I would adjust the colour settings of the entire c(o)untry in light of the last few weeks of racist outburst on social networks. Check out the below pictures for practical applications for real-life Photoshop. (Click 'See More if you can't see all of the pictures)

08 May 2012

Fight Or Flight

We all liked dinosaurs as kids... didn't we? Well, I know I did - and still do. I remember feeling incredibly rebellious while watching Jurassic Park at home alone after my parents told me I was too young to see it. I'm sorry, I thought, but how can anyone be too young for dinosaurs? Turns out you can be too young for dinosaurs, and we never did get the carpet clean. Anyway, the following video is an example of how to handle a dinosaur encounter the smart way.

Of course, if it were a Velociraptor, the boy would've been brutally gutted before he even had the chance to comprehend what he was seeing but - as the saying goes, and in light of the above video - baby steps.

03 May 2012

Pictures That Will Inspire You Dammit

A colleague used the term Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) today to describe how she felt about the shitty weather of late. Now, I don't know whether this is an actual thing - and I'm too lazy to Google it - but I'm sure we could all do with a little inspiration - and quickly, lest the torrential rain washes it all away. In light of this, I put together a bunch of my favourite pictures from my Designtastic Pinterest Board. If you can't see the whole post, click the See More button below the picture.

02 May 2012

Are You Going To Buy An Instagram Camera?

What did Instagram do with its $1 billion from Facebook? They made their own camera! Okay, that's a blatant lie - but it works fantastically for link bait. This tongue-in-cheek camera allows you to share Hipstergram photos in real life (or 'IRL' apparently...) with all the fancy filters and borders for which the app is so well known. Whether you love or hate the Instagram photo app, this video will get you chuckling.

Hope you all had a good long weekend!

Like A Moth To A Flame

This is brilliant. Couldn't resist a dedicated post.

Sometimes, it's worth getting burnt.

Upcycle That

Upcycle? What does that mean? Is it another one of those things that people do to feel a bit better about the inevitable implosion of earth and the extinction of humankind as we know it? As it turns out, upcycling is pretty darn cool. @Jacqueskarsten and @Judyrom have been working hard on UpcycleThat.com, a website that provides a central access point for upcycle projects across the Internet. The site states:
“It’s taking something that you would otherwise throw out and finding a way to make it into something else.”
Here are some of my favourite posts:

Wooden Belt Chair
Rock Around The Clock
Bottle Top Bag Sealer
Dinosaur Planters
Light Bulb Lamp
I want those dinosaurs so bad. If you'd like to check out more upcycled stuff, visit the site here.

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