04 April 2012

Wired World by Catherine Sassoon

Catherine Sassoon, professional Cape Town-based photographer (and also my cousin) is holding her latest photographic exhibition at the AVA Gallery in Church Street from April 10th to May 4th. Her concept is one that will strike a chord (pun intended) within all of us, as it tackles the topic of human loneliness as a result of increased connectivity - coincidentally a topic that Memeburn covered this morning.

I have always been drawn to shooting buildings, spaces and landscapes that I find beautiful or interesting. My choices of subject come very much from the heart and I tend to want to capture that which moves me.
In these photographs I am exploring a theme of wires and wiring of all types which seems to depict our connectedness and yet juxtaposes this with a sense of desolation, isolation and loneliness.
There is a sense of desperation to be linked up in every way possible to modern technology and yet we are, and are becoming, increasingly forlorn. Catherine Sassoon
I'll see you there.

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