26 April 2012

Win Tickets To THE HEAT at Trinity

Contrary to current weather in Cape Town, THE HEAT at Trinity on Saturday promises to bring the heat. I don't know about you, but I could definitely use it. Once again I'll be giving away some free tickets to the event, so check out the details and follow the extremely easy instructions below.

Line up:
And visuals by:
// TARA //

All you have to do is answer one simple question: what's your favourite way to keep warm in the winter? The most creative answer wins. I have 4 x VIP and 6 x general passes to give away, as well as a grand prize of a stage-side table for yourself and 5 friends - plus 12 complimentary Green Mambas. The grand prize will go to the answer that blows my mind, so make it good!

Have a lovely long weekend everybody! x

Cheesy Puns

Yesterday, I won tickets to the Cheese Festival for being really cheesy on Twitter. I posted the fB status below, and a string of cheese-inspired jokes followed. While this is nowhere near the level of the professional punsters in one of my previous posts, it's darn near close.

Then it started.


Totally taking my mom.

24 April 2012

Win An Evening Of Misbehavior

The last time I went to a Playboy Party at Trinity, I ended up waking up in a double bed with two girls inside a completely empty flat just off Long Street. I wish I was joking. So I quickly woke up my friend - who'd constructed a make-shift sleeping arrangement out of jackets and blow-up toys under a window sill - and made swift my walk/limp of shame. That should tell you a little bit about how good the Playboy Parties are.

So here's the deal, I have 2 x double sets of tickets to give away. The tickets will go to the person with the craziest party story. Just leave your name, preferred contact details and story in the comments section below. Don't hold anything back. Shoot!

Believe In Yoursmellf

The Old Spice brand knows exactly what it takes to launch a successful viral campaign, and once again they have proven it. This new ad entitled 'I Can Do Anything' is pure brilliance.

Share away!

Social Media Statistics in South Africa

Here's an update on social media statistics in South Africa. This clip covers all of the big boys: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Mxit and more. I for one would've liked to have seen some stats for Pinterest; maybe next time.

Thank you Ch0pp3r and Brandslut for sharing this.

23 April 2012

Win Tickets To ELECTRO IN YO FACE ft. Haezer @ Trinity

Now this is something I'm definitely not going to miss. It seems Haezer has made a full recovery after his arc eye damage and is ready to get is jam on at ELECTRO in yo FACE this Wednesday night. Check this lineup out and tell me you don't want free tickets.

Line up:
// HAEZER //
And visuals by:

Madness. Okay - so I have 6 x general tickets to giveaway, as well as 4 x VIP passes. Here's what you gotta do. If you want a one of the above, you can:
  • Tweet: I solemnly swear to party my face off on Wednesday. @Nick_Frost #WinWithFrost
  • Facebook: I apologise in advance for what is going to happen on Wednesday night. Thanks HypeMediaSA (You must @-tag HYPEMediaSA)
May the Frost be with you.

20 April 2012

Song Of The Week: Sun-Do Q'lisi - Azamah-oh-ohh

If you haven't heard of Sun-Do Q'lisi, you are missing out. Apart from having one of the hardest names to pronounce in the scene, they also make good music. Nay: great. This video surfaced yesterday, after which I suffered a few self-inflicted kicks to the shins because I missed the show. No worries though, they're jamming at Zula next Tuesday. Don't miss it!

Here's one of their recorded tunes. Written in the key of goodness.

Absolutely perfect for a 4/20 Friday. Enjoy the weekend folks!

19 April 2012

Win Tickets To Lady Lea's Birthday @ Trinity

Wow, what a Thursday! I could use a staunch drink. While we're on the topic of drinks, if you're in the mood to let yourself go this coming Saturday, why not gather up some troops and head to Lady Lea's birthday party at Trinity, Cape Town. Better yet, enter this super-easy competition and get in FREE. Boom! That's an extra R50 to blow on shots.

Line Up
// LADY LEA //
Visuals by:

I have 6 x General tickets and 4 x VIP passes up for grabs to the first people to comment on this post with their name and preferred contact method (email, telephone, Twitter, Facebook, snail mail etc.) May the Frost be with you...

Blatant Racism On Social Networks

This post has been taken down because people got antsy. 

17 April 2012

Win Tickets To Labyrinth - Back To Basics @ Trinity (CLOSED)

The lovely people at Hype Media have hooked me up with free stuff to giveaway to the best of you - the best of you being the ones who are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Do you have it in you? Of course you do. Before I get ahead of myself, let's take a look at what's on offer.

LABYRINTH @ Trinity // 18 April

Line Up:
// REGAN //
// BRUCE //
// LOX //
And visuals by:

R50 entrance

I have 6 x general tickets and 4 x VIP tickets to giveaway, as well as 1 stage-side table for the winner and 5 friends (which includes free entry all night and 12 complimentary Green Mambas). To win a general entry ticket or a VIP ticket, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below this post, along with your preferred contact details. If you'd like to win the stage-side deal you're going to have to work for it, so answer this question:

Who starred opposite Jennifer Connelly in the 1986 film, Labyrinth?

Hint: the answer can be found here if you're sharp. Leave your guess in the comments section below along with your preferred contact details. Run along now!

Is Heineken Sponsoring Illegal Dog Fighting?

So, this picture did the rounds this morning, and in its wake it left a wave of criticism and hate towards the Heineken beer brand. People threatening to boycott the brand; people swearing that they'd never drink Heineken again (we've all said similar things before I'm sure), but how valid is this really?

Here's my thinking: which is more likely?

Heineken: we’re one of the most well-known brands in the world. In light of this fact, we are going to sponsor illegal dog fighting, knowing full well there will be video cameras recording the action. We have every faith that this will never find its way anywhere near social networks.
Anonymous: we hate Heineken and would love to decrease their popularity and/or sales. Let’s get a teenager who knows Photoshop (a little bit) to place some Heineken banners in this super low-res photo and get it trending on Facebook and Twitter. Boom.
Venue: we stock Heineken and use Heineken branding in our venue. Unbeknownst to most people, we also use the venue for illegal dog fighting matches. We have full-on film crews on location to get all the action on camera. We honestly haven’t even considered the fact that the Heineken branding might find its way to social networks. Oops.

People just love to jump on the hate wagon. I'm not claiming to know the truth of all this. For all I know, the people who do branding for Heineken were genocidal dictators in their past lives. But a simple visit to Heineken's website or - God forbid - a Google search wouldn't hurt. Here's the statement from Heineken regarding the picture. You can see the real thing on their site.

Statement: Images of dog fighting circulating on the internet

Images are circulating on a number of websites showing what appears to be an illegal dogfight with Heineken banners (placed upside down) clearly visible. HEINEKEN is shocked and disappointed by this image. HEINEKEN is not and would never knowingly be associated with illegal activities, including those involving cruelty to animals. This is a gross misrepresentation of our brand and our legal team is now investigating the source of the picture and will take the necessary measures. We ask anyone with information regarding this picture such as the source, or the venue where it has been taken to contact us.

So there you have it. Have a good day!

16 April 2012

I Have Hilarious Friends

This is my 101st blog post on The Frostical, so I guess I should say thank you to everybody who reads this shit and a big 'fuck you' to Google who still haven't reinstated my AdSense account - even after I appealed. Twice. Google, minus points. 

And what better way to celebrate my Dalmatian Post than to post a conversation between two of my closest friends. This interaction occurred shortly after @The_Krans joked about my oldPad 2 on Twitter. The conversation that ensued is based 100% on factual information.  

Nick is so sad on twitter that there is a new iPad out
So I called it an oldPad2 which didn't help
Dennis Krige:
Dennis Krige:
Oh well
Dennis Krige:
A new pad comes out every 15 seconds
Dennis Krige:
He gets what he gets then
Dennis Krige:
iShit is the worst
'The iPad 16/04/2012 16:20:15'
It's a better name!
Dennis Krige:
It is a better name!
Dennis Krige:
I hear 'the iPad 16/04/2012 16:20:16' is far better
Fuck! I wish I'd bought that one...
Dennis Krige:
Too bad 'the iPad 16/04/2012 21:20:16' is out in the States already
It features the brand new "money eating" feature
Dennis Krige:
And the state of the art virginity protector
Oh wait, an update has come out, but it costs you a first-born son to upgrade
Dennis Krige:
And the soul of a Lemming
Good, I've upgraded using my child and a Lemming as payment
FUCK -- new iPad!
And no more kids...
Dennis Krige:
I'll get excited about the iBrain
But the new one comes out in the shape of Steve Jobs' balls
And you log on by kissing it gently - but caringly.
Dennis Krige:
And showing it picture of your wife in the shower
And then it empties your bank account by default, before immediately being replaced by a newer version
True that, it unlocks the Wi-Fi
Dennis Krige:
Oh Apple...
Dennis Krige:
You are a cruel mistress
Wish I could show this chat to Nick.
Dennis Krige:
You can...

And they did. You can follow @The_Krans and @denniskrige on Twitter for more of this golden gold. Happy Monday!

12 April 2012

Push Button To Add Drama

One of the coolest activation campaigns ever. To launch the popular channel, TNT, in Belgium a big red button was placed smack/bang in the middle of a relatively busy Flemish square. A sign was suspended above the button, with the text: Push to add drama. This is what happened.

04 April 2012

Wired World by Catherine Sassoon

Catherine Sassoon, professional Cape Town-based photographer (and also my cousin) is holding her latest photographic exhibition at the AVA Gallery in Church Street from April 10th to May 4th. Her concept is one that will strike a chord (pun intended) within all of us, as it tackles the topic of human loneliness as a result of increased connectivity - coincidentally a topic that Memeburn covered this morning.

I have always been drawn to shooting buildings, spaces and landscapes that I find beautiful or interesting. My choices of subject come very much from the heart and I tend to want to capture that which moves me.
In these photographs I am exploring a theme of wires and wiring of all types which seems to depict our connectedness and yet juxtaposes this with a sense of desolation, isolation and loneliness.
There is a sense of desperation to be linked up in every way possible to modern technology and yet we are, and are becoming, increasingly forlorn. Catherine Sassoon
I'll see you there.

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