07 March 2012

The RAMfest Lineup In Videos

If you are't going to RAMfest this year, let these videos be the hotplate to your envy stew. If you are going, you can start getting amped. Without further ado, I give you the RAMfest Main Stage Lineup: in videos. Click see more to check the videos out. Hot shit.

Infected Mushroom (Israel) - 22:00

In Flames (Sweden) - 20:00

The Narrow (SA) - 18:30


Fokofpolisiekar (SA) - 16:00

Taxi Violence (SA) - 15:00

Hog Hoggidy Hog (SA) - 14:00

Newtown Knife Gang (SA) - 13:00

Sabretooth (SA) - 12:00

I'll see you in the gauntlet, fellow Rammers. 

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