22 March 2012

Grand Opening Of Ebony & Ivory

For us basin dwellers, there's a new venue on the horizon. Ebony & Ivory claims it's an upmarket venue at downtown prices - which is pretty much exactly what Strand needs right now. Grab a Sunday cocktail and relax against beautiful views of both the ocean and the Hottentots Holland mountains. Rumour has it they also have amazing cheese cake - just take a look at what @AdeleKloppers posted a bit earlier... See what I mean?

The good news: tomorrow night, Ebony & Ivory will be having its Grand Opening. This means live music, free sushi and free wine! The bad news is that it isn't happening tonight already. See you there!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Nick, Saw this on your blog yesterday and took my Mom tonight. It was really awesome except they ran out of sushi really fast. Will try their cheesecake next time! :-) Stephanie


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