15 March 2012

Bev The Vending Robot

Why do I love my job? Because we get to work on rad projects like this. Introducing Bev, the BOS Ice Tea vending machine with a twist.

The idea for this quirky, drink-spewing machine was conceptualised by Cow Africa, who worked closely with designers Marc Nicholson and Lyall Sprong from Thingking to bring Bev to life. The vending machine is kitted out with a mics, cameras, triggers, switches and sound-activated LEDs to amplify its personality. Check the geek-inspired video snippet below to see Bev in all her buzzing/flickering/talking glory (starring Mr. Larry Leyden).

Bev was last spotted at the Design Indaba 2012, and a little birdy tells me she'll be touring the country soon, continuing her grand mission of delighting the public. If you'd like more info on Bev, contact Jen Watkins.

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