29 February 2012

Owl: A Must See

The last time I was in a theatre, I was working the fly gallery for a hometown production of Neverland. So, on Saturday, when we decided to head down to the Intimate Theatre to see a one-woman show called Owl, I had no idea what to expect.

It's a story told from the perspective of a 10-year old, Owl (Briony Horwitz), who moves to Overberg with her dad after her mother passes away. Owl perfectly incapsulates the alien feeling of being uprooted from your comfort zone and having to endure vast change, while also introducing themes such as self-discovery, making friends and falling in love. Jon Keevy's writing and Briony Horwitz's acting - although the play is clearly not intended as a comedy - manages to lend a sense of light-hearted innocence to the performance, often ushering a choked laugh or two from the captivated audience. 

Using only Fiona du Plooy's choreography and battered old couch on wheels as a prop, Briony manages to arrest attention and successfully bring to life a simple story about a troubled youth trying to do the right thing. I highly recommend it to everyone. 

Owl is showing at the Intimate Theatre in Cape Town until Friday 2nd March, after which it will be showing in Grahamstown. Booking details can be found here.

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