04 January 2012

I'm A Cat Person But I Would Kill For A Dog Like Wilfred

I've been the worst blogger ever. When I eventually logged back into my account - after an unintentional blogging hiatus covering the better part of November and December - my stats lay abandoned in the corner, whimpering softly, while the 'new post' button quivered with nervous anticipation... And I'm back. A new year; a new job; a new post (or two (or three)).

While not blogging over the past few months I spent a lot of my spare time staring at a television screen. The contents of said screen alternated pretty much between Skyrim and a new show (kudos must go to @KerryBeetge for the introduction) Wilfred.

If you - like me - enjoy offbeat, dark and gritty humour (think: Black Books, Flight of the Conchords, Mighty Boosh etc.) as apposed to formulaic American bubblegum comedy (think: How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men etc.) then you will absolutely love Wilfred. Let me have a go at summarising the plot outline using only one sentence.

In a nutshell: the story follows a clinically depressed Ryan (Elijah Wood) and his pet dog-come-imaginary-friend, Wilfred (Jason Gann) - as they try to derive meaning from life - learning lessons about human nature, love and lying along the way. Just check the clip out below and tell me it's not your cup of tea:

See? An instant classic in my books and a must-see if you know what's good for you. Wilfred will make you think; it'll make you dream... But most of all, it'll make you wish you had a best dog friend with which you could smoke weed at home everyday. You should totally check it out. Blog ya later!


  1. No Frodo... Sméagol died, you can't replace him with an imaginary dog... It is time to let go


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