28 October 2011

SoundCloud For iPad [Video]

If you read my last post, you'll know about the sweet deal aimed at all FNB gold and platinum account holders. Obviously, I took advantage of this one-of-kind offering and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a shiny new iPad 2.

Thwap! And just in time for my newest technological acquisition, is the release of the SoundCloud app for iPad. Drummers got timing yo! Check it:

If you can suggest any other cool sound apps: feedback section below! You know what to do. Later!

19 October 2011

FNB Rewards Customers With iPads, HTCs and Blackberries

First National Bank is giving their loyal customers discount amazing prices on the iPad 2, HTC Sensation, BlackBerry Bold 8520, HTC Flyer, and HTC Wildfire S devices. I know right?

Unfortunately, the deal is open to Gold and Platinum Cheque account holders only. Devices will apparently be pre-loaded with the FNB banking app, and the costs will be included in your monthly bank charges. As in - you won't even notice the money leaving your account.

Here's the question: exactly how much is this going to drain from your account every month? FNB provided the following details on the discounts and financing options available:

So how do you do it? Super simple: SMS “phone” or “tablet” to 32812. Standard network rates apply. Don't mention it ;)

08 October 2011

Rocking The Daisies [Part 1]

So we've been at Rocking the Daisies for one night now and already I'm feeling the familiar festival fatigue. I'm sitting in the media center listening to aKing's set on the Main Stage, writing this post purely because I promised myself I'd do something productive today. 

In the next installment I'll be doing more of a review of the festival as a whole. Also, I'll be doing a write up for Urban Edge Magazine. Check them out; very cool stuff.


06 October 2011

Ticket Giveaway: No One's Arc At Zula

For those of you not going to Rocking the Daisies this year, don't fret. It's still possible to have a good time -even with the FOMO. You know it's gonna happen. I'm giving away tickets to No One's Arc at Zula Bar on Friday night. All you have to do is leave your name and email address in the comment section of this post.

It doesn't really get easier. For real. My competitions are so piss-easy I'm starting to feel frustrated with myself. Do it!

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

Steve Paul Jobs
February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

Today we say goodbye to a visionary.

05 October 2011

Rocking The Daisies Festival Map

After looking at this, I'm even more amped for Rocking the Daisesthis weekend. (Lol at blogger's tent).

Who's joining?

03 October 2011

Song of the Week: Blink 182 - Hearts All Gone

How could I possibly let the new Blink 182 album, Neighborhoods pass by without a Song of the Week installment to commemorate it? What kind of fan would I be? This song takes me right back to the Golden Blink days; when their songs were impractically fast and their lyrics were catchier than most STDs. I also hear a bit of +44 in there somewhere. Enjoy!

What do you think of the new Blink album?

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