22 September 2011

Win Tickets To EJ Von Lyrik At Zula This Friday

Win tickets to EJ Von Lyrik at Zula bar tomorrow night. All you have to do is answer this simple question: which other female vocalist is opening for EJ Von Lyrik on Friday? Answer in the comments section below. And... GO!


21 September 2011

Dear Human...

Every once in a blue moon I find (amidst the quagmire of self-promotion and spelling tHaT lOoKs LiKe ThIs) something awesome on Facebook. The following image is one of those. Click on the picture to make it beeger.

 Have a sweet humpday!

16 September 2011

Legends Of Memory

Are you ready for a hefty dose of nostalgia? The following rare photos are packed with legendary influencers of our time such as Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, The Beatles and Madonna. Yeah. So don't act like you're not going to click the see more button below the picture. Enjoy!

(most probably high as kites)

13 September 2011

Song of the Week: Grouplove - Colours

I heard this song on the radio recently and immediately loved it. For weeks I scoured the Internet trying to find any trace of an artist name or song title - but alas, with not even a single lyric to go off, it was near impossible (IDEA: how about hum-a-tune search functionality, Google?)...

Until, one fateful day, the song made a resurgence. I immediately SoundHounded it and the rest - as they say - is his story. Check it out. Like it; love it; +1 it. Whatever.

06 September 2011

The Plastics Release Music Video For Caroline

The Plastics have released a new sexy music video just in time for the Spring flux of raging hormones. Check it out.

Who is the guy making out with the girl on the couch? He looks super familiar. Free kudos to whoever can give him a name. Later!

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