11 August 2011

Win Tickets To The Taxi Violence Video Launch At Zula Bar

I’m giving away free things again. This time it’s super simple: just comment on this blog post and stand a chance to win one set of double tickets to The Plastics and Taxi Violence music video launch at Zula Bar tomorrow. Also on the line-up are my LA.VI lovelies from the West.

Taxi Violence launch their new music video, Long Way from Home, and The Plastics launch Caroline, from their debut album, Shark. You don't wanna miss this one. Trust me. Later!


  1. Ketchup and MAYO.

  2. Pick me! Pick me!

    Lauren :)

  3. Give a Norwegian student some South African love, in the form of Taxi Violence tickets!

  4. Angie17:43

    I have a penchant for throwing underwear at lead singers. Just sayin'.


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