24 August 2011

Studio Diary [Day 1]

I'm in the studio with Heather Waters this week tracking six songs for her new album. Here are some photos from last night. Much fun was had - you can tell because I'm rocking a tambourine.


18 August 2011

Win Tickets To The Arrows Live In Cape Town

Durban-based pop duo, The Arrows, will be performing at Zula on Saturday night, and I've been charged with the pleasurable task of giving away a double set of tickets to said event.

All you have to do is comment on this blog post with the name and URL of your favourite local blog. There's no obligation for it to be my blog - honest. Come on, it's a pretty easy way of saving R65 on tickets. So it's:
  • name
  • email address
  • favourite local blog/website (name and URL)
Good luck! For more info on the gig, check out the Facebook event. Later.

16 August 2011

Strike/Vandalism/Riot In Cape Town

BREAKING NEWS: this is happening right now (13:55, 16 August 2011) in Cape Town CBD. For more information check out CapeTimes or News24.

Obviously there's a big difference between setting a dustbin alight and burning down an entire building, but still - this is a great display of the power of social media. I'm willing to take a large bet that these strikers were at least partially inspired by the London Riots.


15 August 2011

Breede Vibes [Video]

We went away to the Breede River this past weekend. The time spent there is always too eventful, hilarious and debaucherous for words - but this video provides a basic outline as to a normal day's activities by the River. Ninja Pong, drinking, poi, cooking, sleeping, dancing and just messing around in general. Present: Grizzle, Misread, Megan, Melissa, Jenn, Paul and Rory. Checkit:


11 August 2011

Win Tickets To The Taxi Violence Video Launch At Zula Bar

I’m giving away free things again. This time it’s super simple: just comment on this blog post and stand a chance to win one set of double tickets to The Plastics and Taxi Violence music video launch at Zula Bar tomorrow. Also on the line-up are my LA.VI lovelies from the West.

Taxi Violence launch their new music video, Long Way from Home, and The Plastics launch Caroline, from their debut album, Shark. You don't wanna miss this one. Trust me. Later!

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