18 July 2011

A 67-Minute Walk to Freedom

I was content with spending my 67 Mandela minutes doing nothing. Not because of my tendency towards apathy or any resistance towards the whole idea of the initiative, but because doing nothing for an hour is - technically - doing something good for an hour. In my case, anyway.

There it is. Just under 68 minutes of charitable goodness. You know it’s true, because it’s on an iPhone screen. You can check out the rest of the pictures on the Purple Cow FB Fanpage. And remember to get your charity hat on for 67 minutes today. It’s the very least you can do.

We made a difference to a bunch of kids' lives by showing up at the Homestead and dropping groceries off. Check out their website (linked above) if you'd like to contribute to a good cause.

Special thanks must go out to a few of the herd; specifically Jo, Leilah, Cheridan and Keena. The rest of us weren't too bad either.

Social Media Guru, Leilah and Copywriting Queen, Faeron.
What did you do for Mandela Day? Leave your stories in the feedback section below. Later.


  1. Anonymous17:41

    "Not because of my tendency towards apathy"... those WHITE tendencies? :D love you brother.

  2. That's ig'nant dawg. But yeah, I'm white. Sorry Julius. I didn't mean to.


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