29 June 2011


This is what my Gtalk looked like yesterday afternoon.

Dry, bro-humour aside though - this is good news! For those who haven't heard, my good friend (as well as ex-housemate / guy crush / spooner) Lourens Corleone (known affectionately by the bros as 'Krans') is engaged! And who's the lucky lady? None other than uber-talented photographer / designer, Adele Kloppers! A power couple if there ever was one! Check them out:

Guys (Adele and Krans), I think I speak on behalf of all of us (the whole crew) when I say that the two of you deserve the best kind of happiness. And I'm glad you found it with each other. Why, it feels like just the other day that I witnessed (what I believe to be) your guys' first kiss, under the light of a waning laptop, whilst listening to Journey - Don't Stop Believing.

Congratulations! I love you both. Don't ever stop believing ;)

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  1. Congratulations again lovelies! Also, Dennis is awesome.


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