28 May 2011

A Week In Links [Blogworthy]

I've been keeping tab on interesting, funny and noteworthy links over the past few days with the intention of posting weekly lists. Here is the first of them. You can check out a real-time link library by using the #blogworthy hashtag on Twitter. Until someone hi-jacks it, that is.

Dove makes a massive design faux pas. But then again, they've always had a thing for white birds. I'm not going to say another word.

Kim Kardashian gets engaged. Now we wait in fear of either the development of a new cringe-worthy reality show, or an illicit sextape featuring Kim, Kris Humphries and the rest of the New Jersey Nets.

First Afrikaans film scoops Cannes Award. It's also a gay film, and one an award called the Queer Palm. So... yeah.

SA rapture dude apologises. And don't worry, he's trying to single out the reasons for his false prediction using the same book he found the initial bullshit story in. 

That's all for now. Will try make this a weekly thing. Remember to check out the #blogworthy Twitter hashtag for a real-time list of these posts.

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