15 May 2011

People Who Say Things [Part 1]

Here's a collection of things that I hear spoken around me. It can get quite funny at times. They may be out of context, but I think it adds to their comedic value. Without further ado.

"Profound shit is so incredible to realize!"
Dax Frost and revelations

"I don't always smoke weed, but when I smoke weed, I do it always."
Anonymous Demon

"Tickle my arm? It's ticklish!"
Jesse Beth gets confused

"I don't believe in lesbians. She probably only ever had gay boyfriends."
Julian Bach on relationships

"I have long golden locks that need to be combed!"
Lauren Hochfelden on good haircare

"I mumble when I stutter..."
Kenan J. Tatt talks

"Im too drunk to see you guys - looking different!"
Kaydee accepts change

"In this zone, there is no other hotness!"
Chris Captivate (including arm movement)
More to come!

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