23 May 2011

New York Pioneers The Outdoor Smoking Ban

As of today, New York has has become a slightly worse place for smokers of the humble cigarette. That's right: they've banned smoking outdoors in NY. Of course - being based in South Africa - this doesn't bother me much. That being said, living in a third-world country hasn't blinded me to the very real possibility that this ban will catch on like wildfire. As history has proven time and time again: when the US talks, the world listens.

New York authorities have taken measures to ensure that popular public outdoor venues - including beaches, municipal parks and even Times Square - have become tobacco-free. Violators of this new law can be faced with a hefty cash fine (even heftier if you're on holiday from SA). Apparently city authorities are hoping that the smoking ban is enforced by the NY citizens themselves - 'cause we all know that your average New Yorker is an environmentally-conscious human being with aspirations for world peace and an inherent sense of selflessness... We'll see how it goes.

Not quite.
I'm willing to take a bet that the people in charge of passing this law aren't smokers. Sigh (cough).

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  1. Trying to envision a New York without smokers. It's just not working according to the perception TV taught me.


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