23 May 2011

Gangsta Rapture! [Memes]

So who experienced the Rapture? No one? Me neither... but that's what I thought would happen. I mean we've been saying it for ages now: nobody's perfect. Sorry Jesus!

For those of you who were away from the Internet this weekend, you may have missed some #memegold making rounds. For your benefit, I've compiled a short list of the best stuff. Enjoy!


How God Is Managing The Rapture - Check this Oatmeal comic out. They never disappoint. Just click on the link!

Reddit - Operation Rapture - A thread called Operation Rapture was posted to Reddit on May 19th 2011 (my birthday) that included a picture with instructions to "wake up early on May 21st, and throw clothes on to the street to make it appear as if a mass amount of people were teleported to the after life". Loving it.

eBay - $100, 000 Rapture Insurance - "Don't be caught off guard and leave your family high and dry without a way to survive when you are taken to Heaven.  You know YOU are going to Heaven, but maybe you aren't sure about your wife/husband/kids.  Prepare for this magical day and take care of your family. I am offering $100,000 of insurance for $19.99.  I will email a copy of your plan to the family member of your choice.  Please leave the email of a family member that you know for a fact won't be Raptured with your Paypal payment." eBay user/opportunist
I'm not even joking.

Buzzfeed - Rapture Feed - Just a collection of quirky pictures at the Rapture's expense.

FAILblog - Rapture FAILS - Another collection of funny pictures regarding the Rapture (or the lack thereof). What really amazes me is that some of these billboards have the words "The Bible Guarantees It" for everyone to see. Somewhere, people are feeling stupid. And stupid likes it.

After The Rapture Pet Care - According to various self-proclaimed specialists, the worst part about being raptured is leaving behind your beloved pets. Services on the web offered care for these pets once the rapture took place. Believe it.

See you next Rapture!

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