05 May 2011

All Osama Bin Laden's Base Are Belong To Us

People have been going mental about Osama Bin Laden's death over the past few days - not to mention the overwhelming tsunami of spam that is currently making its way through every known social media outlet on the planet.

From conspiracy theories to internet memes - I don't think the world has been this obsessed by a death since Jesus. There are two noticeable schools of thought regarding the murder (or "assassination" as some would have it) of the turban-wielding, al-Qaeda terrorist: there are those that believe that America was right in its hasty decision to get straight to the point (almost literally) and introduce the dude to his alleged entourage of virgins up in heaven, and there are those who steer clear of celebrating the fact that he's dead - instead they bite their nails, anxiously awaiting the next suicidal attack from the East. Me? I prefer to take the indecisive high ground

So, for conspiracy theorists those of you who want to know exactly what happened, here is a little diagram that explains everything. Not sure where it hails from, but I found it on Memeburn. Take note of the Tweets on the right, they are quite hilarious.

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