20 April 2011

Win Tickets To Rock The River 2011

You read the heading? Right. Let me keep this brief then. I take it you are here to win tickets to Rock the River? Well you've come to the right Frost. As it so happens, I have two tickets at my disposal. Here's how it's going to go down:

  • Answer the poll.
  • Leave a comment with your name and email address at the bottom of this post.
  • Bite your nails until you hear from me.
  • And while you're at it, you can click 'Follow' on this blog (somewhere in >>> that direction).

Remember to leave your email address/contact details below - in case you win. Thanks to Ample Space Media for sponsoring this competition! Follow them on Twitter here. Hope you all have a good one at Rock the River this weekend. I may just see you there!


  1. Jaime17:04

    This will be my first RTR! super super excited! Pick me Pick me!! Rock and Dubstep.. my two favourite things! and Easter :) and tequila!.
    The money i save will go towards a bottle of tequila for the weekend :)

  2. Amped..cracking line-up!! keen to check some bands I have not checked before like Heroes wear red!! Marshal- mslutzkin@gmail.com

  3. Awesome comp bro! Such a great line-up! my favs would be Heldervue!!!! When Karma Sleeps and look out for, what i think is gonna be a huge band in the coming years....SULTREE
    Chris - chris@avdirect.co.za

  4. Beata17:16


    so amped!!! please make my month :D

  5. teganashley@gmail.com

    Can't freaking wait!!! Insane lineup... p.s pick me ;)

  6. i'm entering :p wahooo (and secretly holding duime)


  7. Just pick me :P


  8. Thanks so much for entering guys! The competition has ended: congrats to Jaime and Marshall for winning the tickets. Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

    P.S. Don't let the end of the comp stop you from voting on the poll. you can vote as many times as possible, so do it! :)


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