05 April 2011

Song of the Week: Kate McGill - White Blank Page [Cover]

Okay: I know I've done a Song of the Week featuring a Mumford and Sons song already, but this is actually a cover of another of their songs entitled 'White Blank Page'.

But let's not get stuck on semantics; the crux of this post is sorely lacking attention. Have you heard of Kate McGill? Well, neither had I until Saturday afternoon, when a good friend (even better now obviously) introduced me to her (via YouTube of course). Okay, watch the video first, then I'll fill you in.

See what I mean? This 19 21 year-old, Welsh-born princess has the voice of an angel, and the cherub-esque good looks to back it up beautifully. She'll be hitting the road (unfortunately not ours (yet)) soon, so I'm obviously not the only fan (or supporter as the lady herself would prefer).

Follow Kate on Twitter here.


  1. Paaah! That is one of my favourite bands on earth! And one of my favourite songs by them, only narrowly beaten by their cover of White Lies's Unfinished business.

    Would love to watch the song tonight! So excited!

  2. Mine too! Let me know what you think of the song :D

  3. Kate McGill16:54

    Thank you very much for this! :-) I'm actually 21 though... ha X

  4. Oh my Frack! I love you Kate! Absolutely beyond stunning!

  5. I haven't heard this yet but will definately check it out. The way the above pic showed up on my google reader made her look like a cyclopse! It freaked me out!

  6. Thanks for the comments girls, and Kate, this is an unexpected surprise! I feel slightly embarrassed... Happy 21st! Now update your website ;)

  7. Beautiful voice. Goosebumps. And she is very pretty. Actually she looks a lot like Jess to me, no wonder you find her beautiful :)


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