11 April 2011

Assembly with LA.VI, the Pretty Blue Guns and Beatenberg [11 Pics]

Just a quick post on this hectic Monday morning. I hope you all had a great weekend? I know I did - at least, I think I remember knowing that I did. Highlights of this weekend included drinking wine with our next-door neighbor (some would say worthy of the MILF title), watching The Mighty Boosh and trying to emulate the 'vibrating palm', and playing a mad show at The Assembly with The Guns and Beatenberg. The following photos are from my iPhone, so don't expect much as far as quality is concerned. Enjoy!

"I mumble when I stutter..."
Kenan J. Tatt, LA.VI 


Thanks to @chriscaptivate and @richardkuiper for taking these. Remember to leave comments in the section below!


  1. Looks super cool!

  2. Did I mention I like this

  3. Thanks Rox and Nix. And thanks for your blog post Nix. (http://nikitasleigh.blogspot.com/2011/04/assembly-assemble.html)


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