25 February 2011

Stuff I Did This Week [Part1]

Here is a visual/textual representation of a week in the life of your average-Joe blogger working in the city. I lead a relatively normal life, but it has its moments of utter weirdness and bizarre events. Being involved in the music scene kinda entails being involved with strange, unpredictable people - so I thought I'd post one of these updates from time to time; not only for potential blog visitors, but for myself as well. Hope you enjoy.

Explored the city of Cape Town...

something which...

I should've done ages ago.

I worked hard...

and played hard...
at the Purple Cow offices.
Which is easy when you work with some of the coolest people in the world.
We had our last DFrost practice...
in preparation for our last DFrost gig.
I welcomed my amazing girlfriend back...
from her trip to Joburg.
I had the earliest band practice of my life...
                                  with                                                                         LA.VI...
and saw the early-morning Muizenberg ocean on my way there.

Can't wait until next week...


  1. Goodness - such a bad photo. I remember Katie and I knocked our heads together. I may have a bruise?

  2. Awesome Baby.. Your awesome!

  3. Thanks both of you! You are both awesome :)

  4. Lovely photo of Jess.

    Maybe your next update will include, "I spent time with my amazing sister"



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