07 February 2011

Social Matters [Social Media]

The world is going social media crazy; no matter who you are, where you live or what you do, it is highly unlikely that your life hasn't been in direct contact with some or other form of social media. The purpose of this post is to give a nice round summary of the various IM's, social networks and social apps that I use. Whether this will benefit you or not is still to be seen.

1. Facebook (obviously)

Facebook: the all-consuming internet eater. Hailed as the death of workplace productivity and the birthplace of daylight stalking. Say what you want about it: I think Facebook's here to stay. Click on the FB logo to be redirected to my profile if we're not already friends.

2. Twitter
Twitter: 140-character micro-blogging; who'd've thunk it? It's here to stay. Hashtags in TV commercials? What is the world coming to. Try listening to the news on the radio without hearing the words 'Twitter', 'tweet' or 'tweeted'. Impossible! Click on the Twitter logo to connect with me on Twitter.

3. Tweetdeck
Tweetdeck centralises all of your social networks, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz and more. I only use it for Twitter; I find it's auto username fill-in and hash-tag memory particularily useful. It's use of columns is also a great way of organising different streams of information, and I'd highly recommend it over any other apps I've tried (Echofon, Twitfox). Click on the Tweetdeck logo above to download the desktop client.

4. Skype
Skype: the go-to instant messenger for most of the world. For video chatting and conference calling, Skype is number one. I have a few gripes with Skype, but not enough to deny its solid interface and reliable operation (bar its recent fuckup). Click on the logo above to download Skype. Add me: nick.dfrost.

5. Google Talk
Gtalk, like everything Google is clean, simple and super-easy to use. With Gtalk you are able to connect with a variety of IM contacts. This is my instant messenger of choice at work and at home. Click on the logo above to download Gtalk. Add me: nickdfrost

6. MXit
MXit: local mobile messenger of choice and my ex-employer. MXit found a niche in the South African market that no one else could and capitalised on it. They are now the sole means of communication for a large percentage of our country. MXit is slowly evolving into a social network themselves, so it should be interesting to see how they develop in the future. Download MXit on your phone by visiting www.mxit.com/wap on your phone browser. To download the MXit PC client, click on the logo above. To download the best PC Client (in my opinion) download Daxtop.

So that's it for now. There are a few others I make use of, but I'll leave that for a potential part 2. Anything I'm missing out on? Leave your contributions in the feedback section below.


  1. Good post, and I use most of these myself. To be honest tho, I suspect MXit's heading towards faded obscurity.

  2. Maybe. From what I've heard, they're working on a few game changers at least; the release of their API last year should see a wealth of new apps, games, features being created. Hopefully that will keep it fresh and original.


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