22 January 2011

White Collar Kiss, LA.VI and The Windy City - Mercury Live

So, last night was a good gig. The turnout at Mercury Live was pretty low, considering the amount of promos, demos and Facebook tag-mentions that were thrown around in the weeks preceding the event. But the vibe was there; the place was littered with familiar faces from our humble Western Cape music industry, all of whom were ready to roll.

The Windy City got the party started with some ethereal, upbeat, indy-rock ballads that made me think of waves and candle-lit feasts on tropical beaches. Their sound is unique enough to take them far in South Africa and perhaps even internationally, and I am totally amped to be jamming with them again at Zula in the not-to-distant future. They're at Assembly tonight, so go check them out.

Next up was the LA.VISIONARIES. That's us by the way. We threw out some of our dirty laundry on the crowd and didn't even bother to call them back in the morning. One thing I love about LA.VI gigs is the amount of freedom I get to let loose on the drums, and I took full advantage of that luxury last night. Our set was well received (to my knowledge) and we walked off stage feeling exactly how you feel after a good night of lovin'. Tired and wet - but totally satisfied.

Due to recounting the set backstage with Kenan and Chantel, I missed a considerable section of White Collar Kiss' set. From what I could make out, they sounded solid, melodic and energetic. Something like a mixture between Paramore and Breaking Benjamin. Not to mention, their lead singer is a looker. Something for everyone.

We left Mercury and somehow ended up at Mavericks. It was Friday night and they had their A-Squad on. I got to witness my girlfriend receive here first ever lap-dance. WIN! Thank you Chris Captivate!
So far 2011 is looking like it's going to be a good year. We've got some super-gigs lined up with LA.VI, including The Assembly next weekend and The V&A Waterfront Amphitheater the following. See you there?

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