23 January 2011

Family Guy: It's a Trap. Mind = Blown.

I watched the latest installment in the Family Guy: Star Wars Saga, It's a Trap, last night with a few close friends (@LourensLoki, @DennisKrige, @Kaydee_ve, @AdeleKloppers, @GavinHarries@The__Grizzle) and I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a warped sense of humour. Seth MacFarlane and his team have outdone themselves this time around - especially with regard to the animation, as well as the cosmic amount of in-jokes he manages to slip into every second of the film.

Below, you can check out the trailer which highlights some of the funnier parts in the movie without spoiling some of the longer, more surprising jokes.

If you're looking for a short film to get you laughing, then It's A Trap does not disappoint. Watch it!

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